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Hello Everyone,

My name is Tammie (West) Gore and I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) prepared board certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

My family and I were born and raised in Silsbee, Texas and now  my husband and I own Family First Health & Wellness Clinic, PLLC near the train tracks.

My husband who is also known as “my knight in shining armor” is my rock. Everyone else just calls him the “water well man” usually. We have 5 children between the two of us and countless grandkids. We count our blessing every single day. 

Dale loves to fish and boy do I love to ride my horse. Trailriding is my most favorite thing to do with my family and friends.

Above all we thank God for seeing our dreams come true and help us each and everyday to take care of our patients and loved ones to the very best of our ability.  


Dr. Tammie (West) Gore

Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner 

My Journey:

My journey to obtaining my degrees went on for most of my childrens lives until December 2021. That’s all they have ever known was that moma works hard and she goes to school. 

While working full time most all of my years and taking ONE class at a time… I MADE IT! 

Believe it or not on this journey of being a career student I have walked the graduation stage four times. 

In May of 1999, after giving birth to our son, Hayden, three weeks earlier, I walked the stage for graduation for the first time at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with my Associate degree of Nursing (ADN) which is a registered nurse with an associates degree. 

By working at local hospitals For 20 years I was able to obtain my bachelors degree registered nurse( BSN) during that time with countless certifications and certificates as well.

My bachelors & masters degree was obtained from The University of Texas Arlington.

Once I completed my Masters degree for Family Nurse Practitioner I then took my boards to become a board certified family nurse practitioner and went into the workforce as not a registered nurse anymore, but as an advanced practice registered nurse with an FNP- C. 

Literally six months later my husband sweet talked me into applying for the Doctor of Nursing Practice program so we could have student/ family health insurance for just one more year. I was accepted and one year turned into two years. I was able to graduate in December 2021. 

About The Clinic:

On February 14, 2021, Valentines Day, my husband pulled up to a run down, horribly old building on the main street of Silsbee, Texas near the icehouse museum and the train tracks and said… “ there’s your new clinic!” He had tears in his eyes and was filled with emotions and so was I. While walking up to the front door we saw a faded, messed up sticker that said, “ In God We Trust”. We both saw it at the same time. Then, we Both said, “this is meant to be” at the same time. We were on the phone with my sister who’s a realtor immediately. We saw it within minutes. It had so many problems and was built in 1958. We said, “ we will take it! We have to do this!” Many, many borrowings later we bought it. Dale’s’s Water Wells/ Dale & Hayden Gore were our biggest cheerleaders and sponsored our many endeavors. Our bookkeeper, Vicki Treadway, was amazing  throughout this entire process and continues to shine. 

Soon after the purchase of the medical clinic, our  daughter, Halea Fant joined our team. She was able to complete her administrative assistant with her billing & coding specialist from the University of Texas Arlington and is awaiting the final testing to be completed.

Here we are today with a brand new gorgeous clinic, way busier and way faster than we ever imagined. Our hard work, dedication from our amazing staff and our families are the reason for all of our success.  

Last Graduation:

On December 17, 2021 I walked the graduation stage ONE LAST TIME at the University of Texas Arlington and obtained the final advanced nursing practice degree that there is. Now, I I am referred to as Dr. Tammie Gore, Family Nurse Practitioner.  

Halea Fant

Meet Halea

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